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Qingdao Reiter Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 to introduce Rieter sort of world-class technology company, so that the company's products in the same industry which has a leading position, the company has a complete processing equipment processing, assembling the whole process machinery ......
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FA18 filter unit
ZC260 simple acupuncture machine
Large automatic gauze quilt production line
Computer quilting machine
Widen the fluffer
Simple vertical laying machine
Simple feeding machine
With the bottom locking type linear guide
Vertical grinding machine
Cotton quilt into production line
For picking cotton
Fully automatic quilt production line
Wool production line
Full automatic production line grinding quilt
FA02 automatic plucker
BC230 double doffer card
BC1850 double doffer card
ZC670 acupuncture machine
Mixing machine
Cutting machine
With the guard of carding machine
Feed box
Non-woven production line
Nonwoven production line
Acupuncture machine
BC122 waste fearnaught
BC150 waste material
BC150A flowering machine
BK60 cloth angle material
BK80 open
BK100 open
BK120 flowering machine
FB1520 removing machine
FBK100 old sweater opening machine
BC186 wool mill
Triple BC272 carding machine
BC583 wool spinning machine
CZ192 carding machine
FA1171A vibrating cotton box
FA1171 pressure cotton box
186 type flat carding machine
Flat carding unit
Cashmere falling machine
Cashmere extraction group B
Cashmere extraction group D
FA200 drawing frame
FA230 small carding machine
FA350 United combing into the article
FA350 carding machine
FA506 thick and thin yarn
Twin jet loom weaving widened
Jet woven fabric
JW622 type water jet loom
JW408 type water jet loom
JW851 type water jet loom
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