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     Qingdao zhongruite machinery manufacturing Co., LTD. (Qingdao huarui textile machinery)Was established in 2001,  introduced the Swiss rieter company world first-class combing technology, make the products of this company in the industry of products with leading position, the good processing equipment company has complete processing, assembling all mechanical manufacturing technology and advanced process of laser cutting machine, gantry processing center, nc machine tools, heat treatment equipment and so on more than 20 sets. Main wool series, cotton carding machine series of carding machine, half worsted comb equipment manufactured by combing equipment, cloth, feet pieces have the loose material equipment, quilt complete set production equipment, flocculant nonwovens complete sets of equipment, and hydraulic looms DuoGe 30 specifications of the textile textile machinery products.
      Products are exported to South Asia, central Asia, South America and Russia, more than 10 countries and regions, have two series of products are awarded shandong name brand products. Enterprise has won shandong AAA grade credit enterprise, the national contract trustworthiness enterprise and national high and new technology enterprise term, China textile machinery industry top five. Comprehensive quality index is at the forefront of the industry.
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