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Measures to improve the carding machine high yield

Posted byQingdao Reiter  Time2011/11/29 8:47:15

 First, the high precision of the main technical facilities
 1 high-speed output of 22 ~ 35kg / h. speed 400r/min around the cylinder, reel speed of 1100r/min thorn about.
 2 productive and lead of the cylinder clothing, Astoria clothing with new high-quality, semi-rigid needle with a cloth cover, stab roll with a thin blade.
 3 to increase the use of additional carding carding area pieces, such as carding plate and around the fixed cover, etc., and also raise the cylinder position.
 4 to adapt to high-speed devices and set of requirements stripping ladder device with three stripper rollers and the cluster unit.
 5 to adapt to a large circle of high-speed devices such as high as 600mm or 600mm in diameter than the large cans, reduce labor intensity.
 6 and automatic multi-point cleaning solution suction off the cotton plant fly ash and artificial belly out of the bus, take the cover to spend and improve working conditions, reduce labor intensity.
 7 Randolph speed devices using the new variable speed devices such as frequency control, etc., to facilitate the students head and operations.
 8 to strengthen the basic work, such as the chassis to improve the mechanical state formation, transfer foot, three-axis renovation, repair bearings, grinding of iron tire, balancing school, cover steel frame repair, overhaul the cotton board to improve flatness, to improve leakage bottom structure. Design and manufacture of the new machine, the machine frame, cylinder, cover and other measures are reinforced.
 9 to high-speed transmission, such as thorns, Series A, cylinder bearings use roller bearings, single motor drive, starting with the new machine cylinder friction clutch, hitting reel drive belt with a reverse gear to remove the cross, with the cover closed transmission the gear box or a toothed belt drive and so on.
 10 to adapt to new technology such as high yield strength carding tight gauge, new to the cotton plant, a small leak at the end to change the type, installation security and self-stopping devices.
 11 for high-speed high maintenance and operation of management, such as the "four front one accurate" to improve the grinding methods and management systems, cleaning and
 To prevent the MCC operation and injury law.
 12 important quantitative requirements based on product quality and, if necessary, appropriate quantitative sliver heavier.

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