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Development of new carding machine

Posted byQingdao Reiter  Time2011/11/29 8:56:18
  Recent years, but in order to improve carding machine production, improve quality and impurity carding performance in the application of new clothing and additional carding carding machine parts used to enhance the development has made rapid development.
1, raising the level of automatic monitoring
  Computer technology, sensor technology, speed and frequency comb technique Island the perfect combination to achieve the carding machine a series of automatic monitoring, accelerate the development of carding machine.
On-line automatic monitoring, including: carding sliver irregularity Autoleveller technology; carding machine mixed content on the end line monitoring; comb area of ​​the cylinder and the pre-carding zone automatic display Fiber Distribution; inspection records carding machine operation When combing force and fiber from the cylinder to the doffer transfer factors; production operating conditions automatically display, memory, storage operators, and Reporting Technology, and automatically adjust the gauge cover and on-line automatic grinding technology.
Modern carding machine can constantly monitor the online production of 30 kinds of signals, timely production, quality, fault and other information, but also for routine maintenance, to provide reference values ​​of various process parameters, such as the Kam of weight, linear density, the main velocity components for process design purposes.
  Feeding cotton layer thickness sensor can detect large particles in raw materials, thick cotton layer to prevent and injury carding clothing. Sensors can also monitor the fiber in a continuous cycle of cylinder, taker and the load on the cover, where components overload (for hair analysis, machine work quality) will automatically report or automatically.
Carding the future will further improve the management system and development of monitoring systems to be completed by issuing revised instructions to carding, and promptly correct the problem with the product, but also through the fault analysis, research, action to correct the machine running, troubleshooting.
2, drive technology development
  New carding machine drive system has a multi-frequency control motor only drives the rotary parts respectively, to simplify the drive system, variable frequency motor under computer control to coordinate, in accordance with technical requirements to run accurate, complete carding machine functions.
  Count on a carding machine with computer and monitor, can produce timely reporting classes; total output; cover, Astoria, Cylinder, licker-in speed; feeding speed; sliver speed, display data on the screen, and the ministries speed monitoring.
Cover to cancel the previous chain drive transmission, replaced Timing belt, tape covered with Terry 'j-resistant plastic awakened, so cover operating balance, body relatively simple and do not need lubrication and maintenance.
Type of foreign DK803, DK903-type, C51-type, MK5-based monitoring system with such high production carding machine, and are equipped with automatic screen display and process the instruction man-machine dialogue device, at any time to report on various operating parameters, and follow the instructions to do certain correction and adjustment. Germany DK803 type, DK903-type bottom with cotton carding machine doffer end monitoring system Nep a nt1'Ol, dynamically generated reports at any time the content of neps and determine grinding cycle.
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