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Self-leveling device

Posted byQingdao Reiter  Time2011/11/29 8:57:24
   Blowing-carding machine sliver uneven weight <that is a long clip or long clip uneven> is feeding on cotton carding machine layer caused by the uneven density. To improve this situation, one should try to improve the feed hopper own work, so that it can output more uniform layer of cotton, textile machinery factory has now supply the majority of coarse-conditioning system with double hopper. The other hand, in the carding machine to install self-leveling device, according to the health of the weight deviation to adjust feed roller (Carding on) the feed rate. Since the ready mix thoroughly destroyed any role is to ensure the health of the transient produced (comb Kam section) weight is false, it belongs to the constant-conditioning systems.
   Self-leveling device in the carding machine, the students of the severity (ie, linear density) is transferred amount, the output roller and cotton sliver feeding roller up the adjustment layer object, although cotton layer thickness changes due to disturbance, but rely on continuous change the feed roller speed to ensure students return the number of special stability. As the actual factors, it is difficult even to get a good note. General role in improving health through the auto-level in the l0 ~ 12cm length of the severity of uniformity within the short segment called Autoleveller system; 3m more than the length of the severity of uniformity in the fragment known as self-leveling system; 20m more than the length of the severity of uniform degree as long-fragments self-leveling system.
   Self-leveling device basically consists of four components: (1) test: measure the instantaneous feed or export goods of a thickness of, and into a corresponding electrical signal; (2) comparison: the detection limit for quantitative comparison with obtained error signal; (3) amplification: the error signal scaling. it has enough energy to drive the actuator; (4) implementation: the implementation of the regulation object to adjust the action.
   Self-leveling control can be divided into open-loop systems, closed-loop systems and hybrid-loop system.
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